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Autumn Road

Therapy for individuals going through life transitions, anxiety, depression and grief...

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Meet Joey

I'm a Colorado-based psychotherapist providing individuals with culturally responsive therapy to address psychological suffering and to promote optimal mental health.

Side effects of therapy may include: Living the life you want, feeling inspired, building lasting relationships, softening the self-critic, handling rejection without hiding in your bed for a week. I do my best to help each client create lasting change.

My Specializations


Emotional Trauma


Life Transitions

Grief & Loss


Statement of Inclusivity

Like a patchwork quilt that connects us all, every individual journeys life with distinct identities: ethnicity, religion, gender, socio-economic states, sexuality, able-bodiedness and more. It is an unfortunate reality that our society favors the dominant race and culture. Minorities often face obstacles such as discrimination, marginalization, and exclusion that others do not. With this in mind, I am committed to offering a safe place where all parts of your identities are welcome. You have a right to be you, especially in therapy. I recognize that I have blind spots, and hold privileges as a white, heterosexual male. My commitment is to share an awareness of how the system of power  influences how we live and interact. Each of us holds a unique identity and perspective that is worthy of being seen and appreciated. 

Image by Elisa Stone

"[Don't] assume your inner critic is what you think it is... It's part of you trying to protect you somehow and if you can think of it that way, it isn't going to have the same level of power over you."

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